Art and the philosophy of life

This is a picture of my first great-granddaughter.  She’s seven and the most fabulous kid.
She loves cats.

My grandson is engaged to her mom.  He has an instant daughter who loves him and he loves her…we all do.

We had a party yesterday, to celebrate all of our birthdays and the engagement.  Effy, the cat, belongs to my granddaughter and her boyfriend, and is very easy going.  She was okay with being played with ALL day long.  Twenty-one, the other cat, hid and slept all day. He’s a scaredy cat.

Everyone was playing, rolling on the floor and shooting nerf balls at each other.  She took all the balls and shot everyone, so she’s a perfect fit for us.  LOL  She kept reloading and going after everyone, except the cat.  It was a blast and we are so happy to have this great kid and her mom in our family.  My grandson is SOOOOOOOOO happy.  🙂   Best party EVER!

And, it was the first party my granddaughter ever hosted. She and her boyfriend did a great job.  They just moved back here from Vegas, so we had a lot to celebrate.  We pretty much spent the day laughing.



Comments on: "Okay, so…I rarely put personal pictures on my blog, but…2 pictures" (8)

  1. A definite cutie I think

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day, special family time!

  3. Such special family times to treasure!

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