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Read a banned book today…

Photo:  Laura Chouette

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  1. A lot of the best literature had been banned, at one time or another, because someone in power thinks, that the books have some sort of a huge influence on the people’s way of interpreting things, and that’s just wrong, as the government gains control of our, reading materials.

    • Banning Harry Potter…I know catholics who wouldn’t let their kids read it but, of course they did. Terrified about witchcraft and magic. Insane. The catholics play games with an invisible god and support rapist priests, and they’re afraid of a book. The government is a joke. Religious, conservative, right wing republicans are terrified of their own shadow and believe that by having total control over others, they won’t have to be so scared.

  2. Banning a book just draws everyone’s attention to it and encourages them to read it to see what all the fuss is about. Surely the internet makes banning a book pretty pointless anyway.

    • Just shows what people are like. Always trying to control other people. It’s really the dumbest thing. As you say, banning books just makes people want to read them. So in a way, it’s great free advertisement.

  3. One report says that over 1,600 books have been banned in US public schools.
    This is the land of free speech?

  4. By all means. Stop censorship!

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