Art and the philosophy of life

Dragon Quest 16…

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

the dragon landed on the highway
and waited for her to run into him
she did
he was pushed back
leaving deeply rutted claw marks
in the street
she got out
and looked at the front of her car
we need to talk
he said
she got back into her car
and tried to start it
the motor decided
it was better to
so it did
you’re wasting time
 go away
I want to know how the statue
came to be in this reality
and when and where
your father got it

she started walking
three crows
began to follow her
she thanked them
and kept going
the dragon
in human form
trailed after her
she turned
and shot him in the leg
he shouted
and fell to the ground
she kept walking
one of the crows
went to the dragon
and pecked at him
then he flew back to her
two more crows joined them
the dragon
turned into his
dragon form
and started healing
he watched her walk
surrounded by black birds
as she grew smaller
his wound closed
he shook himself
and took to the air
she turned and
shot him in the wing
once again
he found himself
on the pavement
she didn’t slow down
she said
I told you
it was a birthday gift
I liked dragons
not dinosaurs
I know that it has power
I don’t care

that it was your father’s
I don’t care
that you want to know more
I only care 
that my best friend Is 
and if you don’t back off

I will
you don’t understand
he said softly
it holds much of my father’s
she shouted
leave me alone
or I will shoot you
through the heart
and the birds
will have whatever
parts of you
they like

to be continued…

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