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He’s a baby and a bit awkward, now and then.  He refuses to use the deeper birdbath I put out for him, and instead tries to bathe in the shallow water, which is impossible.  He doesn’t use any of the real birdbaths.  He sees me looking at him but he’s not afraid.  He was chasing squirrels today, running across the patio.  So far, he hasn’t caught anyone, that I could see.  It’s stressful, because I love the squirrels.  He’s absolutely gorgeous and huge.

A few years ago I had a falcon stay for a bit.  Before that they released some of them in this area, trying to save them.   It seems to have worked.

Peregrine falcon Chicago

Featured snippet from the web

Peregrine falcons have lived in Chicago for years and they’re even designated the official bird of the city. They prey on smaller birds and can end up weighing up to 2.75 pounds and being 20 inches long, according to the Field Museum.
They can fly

240 mph
Maximum, Diving
During its spectacular hunting stoop from heights of over 1 km (0.62 mi), the peregrine may reach speeds of 320 km/h (200 mph) as it drops toward its prey. The Peregrine Falcon is one of the most widespread birds in the world.



Comments on: "This is the falcon who has been living in my yard for a couple of days…" (11)

  1. Wow! All I get is pigeons and magpies. Did have a woodpecker drop in once ages ago.

    • He’s amazing and gigantic. LOL So strong and beautiful. His talons are incredible and I’m glad my cat lives indoors. He’s definitely a baby, but he’s learning. We get cardinals, sparrows, chickadees, robins (in summer) and a blue jay now and then. Some mourning doves and a few wrens. Woodpeckers seem to destroy a lot of things, like our houses, so not too happy to see them.

      • Robins. I forgot them. They are frequent visitors too. I love birds of prey. We don’t see them often in town but nearly always see them hovering about when I’m out hiking in the countryside

      • We usually only see them flying over the forest preserves but they do live on skyscrapers. They are fine in the city. When they nest on a balcony, the people can’t use it until the birds are gone because they are not allowed to disturb the nests. They are coming back and we are all happy about that. At least you get to see them glide and ride the wind. They are so beautiful.

  2. Oh wow! How cool to have such a visitor!

    • He was here for two days, but I didn’t see him today. He may have been here, I wasn’t watching for him, so maybe I just missed him, or maybe he simply moved on. I feel so lucky to have had him here. So beautiful. ❤

  3. Wow! What an incredible opportunity to watch them grow and learn! Yikes, I hope he finds other critters than the squirrels!

    • I’m sure he will. He’s just a baby, and yes, I hope he comes back now and then to visit, so I can see how he’s doing. It was such an amazing thing, to watch him. So beautiful, strong and fun. Thank you.

  4. How lucky!!!
    All creatures are gorgeous, even if they kill. They do it for food.
    Only man kills for other reasons. We don’t need to kill for food. We are not pioneers, and there is a lot of info about plant based nutrition.

    • Eating animals is unhealthy. Heart attacks, etc. It’s a holocaust for the animals and makes humans sick. But like everything else. People are TAUGHT to not think about the consequences of what they do. The government works hard to keep us stupid and unaware that we are constantly being played in every way possible.

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