Art and the philosophy of life

  1.  write your wish on a sheet of paper
  2.   fold paper into the shape of a boat
  3.   repeat wish several times out loud
  4.   place the paper boat in a pond, a river, stream, lake or ocean
  5.   go to asleep and dream of your wish coming true as it’s carried away

dreams are made
of hopes and wishes
of imagination
and thoughts
that may not be
exactly what we
really want
or need
but sometimes
the only want to find out
is by having them come true


Photo:  Sergey Vinogradov

Comments on: "How to dream and make wishes come true…instructions and a poem" (6)

  1. This was so beautiful! Wishes and dreams are important and necessary-now more than ever!

  2. Sweet, like a fairy tale version of making a sigil. There are so many references to the powers of manifestion by the use of vivid imagination, to see and feel yourself living a desire of your heart. For years, I have hoped our home would be next to a stream. I don’t have that yet, I suppose after a beautiful, heavy rain, I could send a boat down the culvert. : )

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