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The south is rewriting history books and removing the word “slave.”  They are erasing the whole SLAVERY THING and will be teaching that to children.  They are now calling SLAVERY, involuntary relocation.

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  1. This is so fucking stupid and trying to erase history by renaming it is only going to serve to cause more unrest. Bloody hell. Your country is really going to hell. I feel so sad for you.

    • Sad to say I’m with you there, Thunder!

    • They have done it a million times. Our history is just made up by the winners who wrote it. Anyone reading it wouldn’t know women or minorities existed, just men killing each other. We didn’t know our presidents were slave owners until recently. They conveniently left that out, along with a bunch of other stuff they didn’t want us to know about. REVISING history is done all the time. They’re doing it in China right now. Russia has always done it. Some people don’t believe the Holocaust was real. Up util VERY recently, men have written history, that’s why they are the moronic heroes in their own minds.

      • I know. It’s just so maddening to actually witness them doing it!
        My guy is watching a series on Chernobyl. It is estimated 20,000 lost their lives as a result (including the time that followed the immediate explosion). Know what the state count is? 31!!!

      • I was going to watch that. But it’s just more lies, that are being uncovered, because that’s what all governments and religions, institutions, etc., do.

      • Exactly.

    • Wish I could argue with anything you said. But you’re right.

  2. WTF????????

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