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Okay, so…the parade

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There was a parade in Highland Park today, which is a rather expensive suburb of Chicago, and a man between the ages of 18 to 20, according to witnesses, had a rifle and shot into the crowd, killing six, wounding 24, 12 of which are in critical condition.

It’s nice that the republicans are so in love with guys and get money from the NRA, etc.  They’re so worried about fetal cells, just not living kids and adults.

Can we say HYPOCRITES!!!!!

Anyway…shooting and killing innocent strangers seems to be the trend in america.  Come to this country at your own risk.  And when you do, thank the republicans for turning the country into a violent video game, where women are handed a death sentence for existing and anyone can be killed for no reason at all.

Comments on: "Okay, so…the parade" (23)

  1. I cannot ‘like’ this – tragic once again

  2. So tragic. I read about this a few minutes ago. 😢

  3. I don’t know how an unelected group of right wing christens can destroy the lives of everyone. that has to change and the supremes have to be elected and serve two years and that’s it. Who ever heard of a job for life, other than the queen? Insane.

  4. I cannot understand why the effing NRA continues to toot their horns when one after another of these horrible events take place. They are blasted hypocrites.

  5. A handful of people, mostly men are keeping you guys hostage.
    Poo-tin is keeping a lot of the rest of the world hostage.
    It’s quite a mess.

  6. I don’t even know how it’s possible. Why aren’t we all just stopping them? Sheeple for sure and THEY KNOW IT, since that’s what people everywhere have been trained and brainwashed to be.

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