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On the bottom of this news report about the 10 year old (that’s 4th grade), rape victim who has to go out of state to get an abortion, there is another item that Ohio has a bill that orders doctors to ‘RE-IMPLANT ECTOPIC PREGNANCIES,’ or face abortion murder charges.

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    • And then some. She’s in 4th grade and no exceptions. It could kill her and being raped isn’t enough trauma, I guess, they want a child to carry a baby and deliver it. You know how skinny and tiny girls are in 4th grade. They are the most hateful moronic, uglies, evil things on the planet.

      • Ridiculous. I remember me at that age. No way in hell I had a body that could handle it. Disgusting, hateful, malevolent…

  1. As Dale says: FFS! A truly horrifying scenario.

  2. I’m sick about this!
    How far backwards can the USA peddle?

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