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Okay, so…

You remember the uproar about BLM, the uproar about gun control, the latest one and the one where the kids were all involved, the uproar about police brutality and George Floyd, right?  Well, where are they now?

This is an ENORMOUS problem for protesters and people who want change.  They can’t keep up the momentum.  Because of that, the ugly politicians know they just have to wait things out, until everyone goes away.  They don’t have to DO anything, CHANGE anything, because people can’t keep up their protest.

Even when there are thousands, upon thousands, of us chanting in the street, the republicans can just sit back and wait for us to go back to work, our couches, and our daily lives.  Then people forget.  They become complacent, until the next time there’s a school shooting, or they start counting the women who died from back alley abortions, or more black americans are killed for not reason at all.

They we just start over, until the same thing happens again.

The country is failing, on every single important issue.  EVERY ONE.  With 6 to 5 conservative supremes, there is NO discussion, they can do anything they want and as one woman from the Washington Post said, the separation between church is almost invisible.  This is a terrible state of affairs.

The supremes, in RECENT days, have overturned Roe, made more guns legal, made it easier to destroy the environment, and they aren’t finished yet.

FIVE REPUBLICANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THIS.   FIVE PEOPLE ARE DESTROYING OUR LIVES AND THE LIFE OF THE PLANET and it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to believe that nothing can be done.  What is the president for if he can’t do the right thing?  The thing he WANTS to do.


It is my hope, that republican voters leave their party affiliation and vote DEMOCRATIC in November.  If the Democrats don’t win the senate, I truly believe that what that ugly mitch said will come true.  They will made abortion illegal across the nation, end birth control, and I believe they will destroy the environment.

Some of us are seriously considering leaving the country, if that happens.

There has to be a way to overturn the decision of five hateful republicans.  No one has the right to destroy the lives of the people they are supposed to SERVE, because of their own religious beliefs.  They need to be stopped and never again can anyone have that much power.

In Michigan, they are thinking of letting the people vote on whether or not to ban abortion.  This shouldn’t even be happening.  No one should tell another person what she can do with her own body.  NO ONE.  There’s nothing to VOTE on.  If you don’t want one, don’t have one.  It’s that simple.  No one else’s opinion matters.  RELIGION should not enter into any of this.

I’m so disgusted.  I can’t tell you how long we have worked on this.  The ERA, Choice, this is a pathetic patriarchal country, run by morons.  No other voices are ever heard.  Not women’s voices and not minority voices.  This is not a democracy.  We are slaves to those with power.  All of us.  The nicer our personal prisons are, the less we complain.  That’s wrong.

Again, maybe some day, another country will come her to liberate us from our own government, and set us free.  A fish doesn’t know he’s in water, and americans have been brainwashed and lied to their entire lives, and can’t see the strangle hold the government has over us.

Now china is rewriting history, while people are still alive and know the truth.  They are making up a completely new one, that will be taught in SCHOOLS, where conditioning is done.  The new history is made up of lies.  But eventually, the people will only believe the lies, just like us.

Violence against women and children does not have to exist, it’s used to control women so it is ALLOWED

Poverty does not have to exist…people are taught scarcity in a land of abundance and billion of dollars are given away to other countries while people can’t survive on minimum wage

If you want an intelligent population you make education available to EVERYONE

If you want a healthy population you provide health care for EVERYONE

If you want a safe environment you have to have gun control

If you want people to be safe you provide housing and healthy food which people COULD afford if they were paid livable wage

If you want people to get along YOU DESTROY RACISM, AND SEXISM instead of reinforcing it constantly

If you want healthy children you clean up the environment and provide prenatal care, since we are not number one in live births

If you want community you let people speak

Well, I could go on, but you get my drift.  Just think about what’s really going on, not what you’ve been manipulated to see.

Photo:  Gayatri Malhotra


Comments on: "Okay, so…" (6)

  1. What a Spanish Inquisition mess!
    I am so happy I live in Canada.
    I lived in the states for a couple of years in the 80’s. I got called “Pinko” a lot.
    When I finally asked a Nam vet what that meant, he said well, you’re not commies…reds, but you are not American…white. That makes you a Pinko.
    SOBEIT! I am a Pinko!

  2. Oh, Goddess, don’t copy us. Pretty soon america will be fleeing to Mexico, instead of the other way around.

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