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“While the Supreme court overturned Roe, GOP senators silently blocked the PUMP Act, a bill that would have expanded pumping rights to 9 million mothers, because it was “too burdensome to business.”  During a formula shortage.  This week the AAP tells women to nurse for 2 years.  WTF”

THE STUPIDITY OF THESE MEN IS ALMOST TOO MUCH TO BELIEVE.  Idiots that endanger women and children.  They shouldn’t be trusted to care for a plant, let alone a country.  Idiots.

Comments on: "FYI…Quoted from: perezhilton, Washington DC" (6)

  1. What in the blessed fuck?

    Have they lost their minds? Sorry, rhetorical question..

  2. Hard to understand insanity and evilness when you aren’t either one. They HATE women. That’s a fact and all anyone needs to actually understand. The women with them, hate women as well.

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