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Quote: from RBG


Comments on: "Quote: from RBG" (4)

  1. She was great! However, I think she should have retired from the court, while Obama could still have appointed a liberal judge. She had had numerous cancers, and no one lives forever.

    • No. The republicans blocked everyone he wanted on the court, just like they always do. They never let him do ANYTHING AT ALL, that’s why she stayed so long and prayed to live until the election was over. THE REPUBLICANS DID THIS ON PURPOSE and they are still blocking everything. Biden can’t get anything passed. They are the worst people on earth, well besides, or including putin and the orange one, they are all bedfellows with hitler.

  2. The horror. So very true. They will have to make an “underground,” railroad for runaway women. All this caused by men who will never have to go through a single thing. Men who love to punish women because they hate them so much. And fear them. Let’s not forget that.

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