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Hitman…Chapter 29

“We’re dealing with intelligent energy,” said James, “not a person, or thing.  it’s a complex, able to learn, free form energy, that keeps changing, as it plays.”

“How do we kill it?” asked Terry.

“We can’t kill it.  Energy can’t be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred from one form to another.  That’s why there was never nothing. The scientists were wrong. The so called, Big Bang, didn’t appear from nothing.  The energy that had always been there, just woke up.”

“So, how do we change its form?”

James swiveled his chair around and said, “Here’s what I think.  I think, that energy has always existed.  There never was a time when there was nothing. There never was a big bang that came from nothing.  Even scientists say energy can’t be created or destroyed, so that energy has always been here. Always.  Think about that.

After more years than we can imagine, the energy started dreaming.  After a time, it began making its dreams real.  When it did that, it woke up.  We have no idea what lies outside our tiny and limited sphere of knowledge.  But look at the things the energy made right here.  A planet made of diamond, gas planets, water worlds, Black Holes, and all the rest.  It’s as if it made one thing after another, trying this and that.  I’m sure there are universes and weird things everywhere.  Everywhere, being more than our brains can grasp.  Never ending, everywhere.  Not everywhere we know of, but EVERYWHERE. we can’t begin to fathom.

Once the energy was awake, it started making things.  It’s like dark matter.  We can’t see Dark Matter, we have no idea what it is, or what it’s for, but it makes up twenty-seven percent of our universe.  The energy I’m talking about makes up Dark Matter.  The energy I’m talking about is everything.

The energy is literally PLAYING.  It’s playing, because it can. It has no rules.  No one is in charge, it’s just CREATION doing its thing, creating one thing after another, without a sense of right or wrong, consequences or anything else.  There is no grand design, or plan.  The energy made it possible for us to evolve, without knowing it did so.  It didn’t know we would exist, and it doesn’t care, one way or the other.  It doesn’t understand things like that, it just keeps expanding its knowledge and making things.  We are that energy, everything is that energy.  But here’s the things, each one of us, took the energy we are, and made ourselves into individuals. Being part of the energy, we made ourselves. That’s why even though we are made of the same stuff, we’re all different.  We each used the energy differently.  We ARE the energy, awake and creating.  What we are creating is often terrible, but it’s what we’re doing.

So we aren’t being played, we are simply energy that’s learning, growing, and playing. There’s no evil intent.  There’s no intent at all.  We are just one possibility that happened.  The energy IS creation itself, without any stops, conscious intent, emotions, or beliefs.   There is no creator, there’s only creation itself.  There is no enemy, no one to attack, or kill.  Everything is made of the same energy, manifesting in different ways.  That creative energy is EVERYWHERE and it’s EVERYTHING.  It’s places we can’t even imagine in our wildest dreams, because we can’t imagine anything without edges, tops and bottoms.  To think of falling FOREVER, is too much for our simple brains to understand, but that’s what the energy is.  It’s literally ENDLESS, and it’s EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE.”

“Not what I expected,” said Sally, flatly.  “Hard to be mad at energy.”

“Agree,” said Terry.  “Especially energy without intent.”

“So, this is all on us?” said Li Li.  “This violent world, full of war and disease, full of prejudice and hate…we made that?”

“Yes, said James.  “This is what WE MADE, and are making, with the energy.  And when scientists say that in the end, when there is no light, no warmth, just dead rocks hanging in space in darkness so dense we have no idea how to think about it, the energy will still exist and something will be there to stop the rocks from falling forever.”

“I don’t want to change that energy,” said the Angel.

“Neither do I,” said Sally.

“We can’t change the energy.  We ARE the energy.  we aren’t strong enough to change anything, we can’t even change ourselves,” said James.

“What about the experiments?” asked Terry.

“All human hatefulness,” said James.  “All the energy did was give us a chance, even if it had no idea it was doing so.  It was simply playing with molecules, atoms, etc., and whatever else it found within itself, or created.  It laid down the foundation and it took millions of years for the energy to manipulate itself and become us.”

“We can’t blame anyone for this mess, but ourselves,” said Sally.  “So the experiments, the things that were done to us, all of that, was done by greedy, heartless humans.”

“Yes,” said James.  “The energy isn’t good or bad, it just is.”

“I don’t like it,” said Li Li.  “I was ready to kill something.  Now I have to tell those I brought with me, that they can go home without a fight.”

“I think we need to go after the bad humans,” said James.

“Like The Big Shot,” said Sally.

“I killed him before I came here,” said Li Li, matter-of-factly.  “Killed some of the others as well, freed the prisoners, or should I say, captive experiments.  Got them help.”

“Good to know,” said James.  “So who is left for us to kill?”

“Li Li shrugged.  “I’ll try and find someone.”

“What about the people who are trying to kill you James,” said Seven.

“We can stay,” said Four.  “We can be your bodyguards.”

“No,” said James.  “Thank you.  It was a pleasure meeting you.  I’m sorry Li Li convinced you to…”

“Hey,” said Li Li, hitting him on the arm.  “All those years they kept you safe, and they were working.  I paid them.”

“She did,” said Seven.

“Keep in touch,” said Terry.

The Dragons laughed.  “We’ll try.”

Li Li told her crew to go home, until further notice.

Terry, Sally, James and Li Li, sat together and tried to figure out who wanted to kill them, and why.  All they had was a theory.  Li Li said that the men who made the children what they were, found out that the forgetting spells that were put on them, had a shelf life.

“They are afraid you will start to remember who you killed, and who told you to do it,” said, Li Li.

“Can you help us remember, Li?” asked Terry.

“Yes, but you won’t be happy with what you find out.  Lots of dead bodies.  Both of you, but the men who did it to you never covered their faces.  They were sure you wouldn’t be able to identify them, since you wouldn’t remember,” she said, smiling at them.  “If I show you, will you go after them?”

Sally and Terry looked at each other, then turned to Li Li and said, “Absolutely.”

“Okay,” snickered Li Li.  “We might not be able to change the Creative Energy itself, but we can start changing the form of some of it.  When you kill them, they’ll simply become something else.”

The cat walked by them and muttered,  “You people are the dumbest things anywhere.  It was all there, right in front of you from the start.  Dumb as a bricks.  I don’t know why we put up with you humans.”

The End


Thank you so much for reading Hitman.
I appreciate it.








Comments on: "Hitman…Chapter 29" (9)

  1. 👏👏👏
    Your imagination is boundless and wonderful, Gi!
    It’s always sad, in a way, when a good story/book ends.
    One good thing about “the Conversation” is it’s not a story, so doesn’t have to end. I mean it can end when you want it to…. but it will go on somewhere else.
    Love your writing!!!!!!!

  2. I was going to ask how many chapters you were planning. I copied all to Word, but I may have to revise my printing/reading strategy. Lots of paper… Hmmm.
    I’m at chapter 12 so far. I like it…
    (PS, I can’t find chapter 26, hehe…)

  3. Just finished it. James gave me a hand to read it on my tablet. 😉
    Liked it very much Gigi… Great imagination… And great story 👏🏻

    • You are a generous and very kind man. Thank you so very much and thank you too, for being the only one to write about women’s choices in this country. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. ❤

  4. So true. I don’t go on other media. Too often people just fight and are mean. At least that’s what I’ve heard. But I’m just surprised that more people aren’t writing about this issue.

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