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Today is the 127th birthday of one of the world’s most recognizable photographers:  Dorothea Lange.  The images that she captured of the dustbowl during the Great Depression change politics and  policies and the hearts and minds of anyone fortunate enough to view them.  The world is a better place because she was in it and […]

Happy 127th Birthday Dorothea Lange — Waldina

Comments on: "Happy 127th Birthday Dorothea Lange — Waldina" (8)

  1. Thank you for posting this wonderful film

  2. I don’t have time right now, but will watch this!

    • Whenever you have a minute or two. Or not. It’s okay if you skip it. 🙂 I hope Johnny has given up his post in the hallway. I love the story. I told Em and she just stretched out and went to sleep.

      • Hahaha! No, Johnny has decided the laundry area is his domain! He’s quite dedicated to it! Sounds like things are going well with Em. give her pets from us!
        Heck, give yourself a pet while you’re at it! xo

      • When will you ever get your appliances? What will Johnny do then? You’ll have to hang something there so he doesn’t cry all the time. He’s so adorable. LOL I love him and his way of looking at the world. Hugs to all of you, from us. ❤

      • I love him too!
        I don’t know about appliances. It seems like they are using the shortages to sell off the garbage. Buyer beware! hugs

      • People will always take advantage of a bad situation. It’s too bad we can’t trust anyone any longer.

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