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Hitman…Chapter 21

The Dragons misted in and out, unable to find comfort in what they had once known.

“Feels wrong,” said Terry’s Dragon.  “I’ve lived in him so long, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now.”

“I feel the same way,” said Sally’s Dragon.  “I kind of miss her.  She just found peace and happiness with your person and now everything is different.”

“I don’t feel as if I belong in the energy stream any longer, not when I could be helping him.”

“Do you want to check on them?” asked Sally’s Dragon.

“I do.”

“Uh,” said James.  “I think something just landed on top of the car.”

“I heard it too,” said Sally.

A Dragon looked into the front window from the roof of the car.  Terry swerved a little, but he was used to strange things happening, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Can we come inside the car?” asked the Dragon.

“I don’t know,” said Terry.  “Can you?  It’s kind of small for a Dragon.”

“Two Dragons, but don’t worry, we’ll manage.”

And then they were misting inside.

“My name is D4,” said Sally’s Dragon.  “But you can all call me Four.  He’s D7, and you can call him…”

“Seven,” they all yelled.

“Yes,” laughed Four, “that’s right.  We came to help.  Apparently we aren’t ready to break our bond.  I mean, think about it.  We’ve been living inside you two for…”

“A long time,” said Terry.  “We missed you too, kind of.”

“Oh, good,” said Four.  “Then it’s settled.”

“What’s settled?” asked James.

“We’re going to kill all the bad guys.  I mean they enslaved us.  Took us right out of the ethereal stream.  Against our will.  We Dragons love revenge and these people crossed the line.”

“What Four is trying to say,” said Seven, is that we are going to fight alongside you.”

“That’s exactly what I said,” grumbled Four.

“No.  It’s not.”

“Is too.”

“So Dragons aren’t so different from humans, I guess,” said Terry.

“I like cats,” said Four.  “Can I hold her?”

Whisper was normally a pretty laid back cat, but she’d been through a lot, the last few days.  Missed quite a few naps and petting sessions, so she was feeling a bit cranky.  But when Four picked her up, in her misty hands, she felt a shot of power that made her feel a lot stronger and a lot bigger, so she settled in and let Four do whatever she wanted to do with her.

“She likes you,” said Sally.

“She likes power.”

Sally nodded.  “Who doesn’t.”

“I should probably tell you that we fried a bunch of people who were tailing you,” said Seven.  They went up fast and it was over in no time.  They really want to shut you two down.  Apparently they’re afraid you’ll start remembering things they blocked.  To them, that would be very bad.  And before you ask, I can hear what they’re thinking.”

“Good to know,” said Terry.  “And thank you.”

“A pleasure, I assure you,” said Seven.

“You two make a good couple,” said Seven.  “Your bond with Sally, has made our bond stronger.”

Sally smiled.  “That’s nice.”

“Someone is coming up on your left and you need to eliminate him immediately.”

Terry rolled down his window and shot the driver through the head.

“Nice shot,” said Four.

Seven stuck his head out of the window and set the car on fire.

“Nice fire,” said Terry.

“Where are we going?” asked James.  “I feel as if we’re driving in circles.”

“We’re almost there,” said Terry.

“What the hell is THAT?” asked James, looking out the front window.

“It’s an energy manifestation,” said Seven.

“Looks misty, but it can kill you,” said Four.  “And they have no imagination, as far as I’m concerned.  A T-Rex.  Really?  We’ll be right back.”

Seven and Four faded out of the car and flew in circles around the T-Rex .  Both of them were larger than it was.  The dinosaur roared, but having very short arms, couldn’t swat at them.  Apparently, if you breath enough fire on a T-Rex, you can have a huge BBQ and feed the neighborhood.

“I think they’re going to come at you from the air,” said Four, misting back in the car.

A empty moving van was parked at the curb, the ramp was down, and Terry drove into it.  The ramp went up, and the van started moving.

“Nice,” said James.  “I feel like we’re in a James Bond movie.”

“It’s lead lined,” said Terry.  “They won’t be able to find us.  I think it’s time you hypnotized us, James.”

“Who wants to go first?” he said, gleefully, closing his computer.

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  1. Great elements to this story, and warm, real relationships. Love the touches of magic that casually leap in. Cheers

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