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Bird, Flamingo, Animal, Beauty, Pastel

Photo:  Pixabay

Comments on: "Flamingo…I love this picture…it’s wonderful" (8)

  1. so sure of herself

  2. ‘she’? Male’s are slightly larger than females, so the only way you would know for sure is to see two members of both genders standing side by side. With this shot you’ve got a 50% chance of guessing right – or wrong

    • Okay, I made an assumption because females who have baby flamingos are very pale. If they have a baby flamingo late, the males won’t look at her again, until she eats enough shrimp to get darker. Because she’s so pale, and because Beth called her a she, we just went with it.

      • That’s interesting about having babies making them pale (assuming flamingoes lay eggs like other birds) so Beth may well be right on that basis.

      • I saw it on a Nature program about flamingos. Their color pales because all the nourishment goes to the baby, so the mom’s are pale, which signals they are not ready for mating because they aren’t strong enough. Beth did say that, she just called her a female in her comment. It was an interesting program and I felt bad for the poor female who was left out because she had a late baby. All the other birds were doing their ritual matting dance and she was all by herself on the side.

      • Nature can be cruel- so can humans as we both know!

      • She probably wouldn’t be strong enough to survive. Good thing she’s not a republican.

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