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Okay, so…

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My daughter is currently on an airplane.  It’s full.  Only 10 people are wearing masks.  Supposedly covid is surging.  Only 10 people are wearing masks.  Ten people.  TEN.

One million people in America have died from covid.  But no one can force people to wear a mask because they all scream, THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT…unless you’re a woman who wants a safe and legal abortion.

Men don’t want to wear masks…so the law won’t make them.  Women don’t want to carry the fetus of their father, uncle, brother, neighbor, teacher, or anyone else, to term, but they will soon be FORCED to do so, BY MALE, CONSERVATIVE, RIGHT-WING LAW, in many states.

Anyone, who doesn’t realize how much women are hated in this country, isn’t paying attention.

A million deaths from a disease, and no law about wearing a mask.  Safe health care for women, and it’s a criminal offense.

Women will soon be property of the state.  Owned, under law.  They will no longer be FREE to do what they like with their own bodies, UNDER LAW.

No one takes care of the children in this country now.  The poor, hungry, uneducated, abused, sick, cold, or kids living with violence.  But the conservative right-wing wants to add more to that list.  Because they don’t care about kids, they care about controlling women’s lives.

The prejudice and hatefulness of the right-wing conservatives is literally destroying everything we pretend this country once stood for.  It’s disgusting and wrong.  Freedom is simply a word in the dictionary.  The definition of which is meant only for white, wealthy males.

If it’s a criminal offense to have an abortion, will those who break the law, go to jail, leaving their other children alone?  Will new prisons for women be built, in order to house those women who didn’t die from coat hangers, or botched back alley abortions?  What PUNISHMENTS will the government dole out to those poor women who couldn’t fly to another country to get a safe abortion?  How many orphanages will we need?  Can we turn Arkansa into a state prison for unwanted children?  The attorney general of that state is so excited to have all those unwanted children so she can LOVE them. They aren’t doing that with the orphans they already have, of course.   Texas is another one.

I think our country should truly be split into blue and red states.  The red states can make all the laws they want, to control each other.  The blue states can let people live their lives and provide safe health care when needed.  We will NEVER agree, or get along.  We have to face that fact.

How many lives will the government destroy?  How many women will die?

I still think there’s a civil war in our future, because The Handmaids Tale is quickly becoming the American way.


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  1. Very good post. I see right-wing conservatives anywhere, as despicable controlling people who seem to relish in the opportunity of making others suffer.

  2. Gi, you did a great job on this op-ed. I like how you began, and where you took it. Brilliant!

  3. Can’t thank you enough. ❤

  4. The airlines dropped the mask requirement way too soon!

  5. It’s so true. It’s very scary now. We have people embracing authoritarianism and lots of gullible people supporting them.

    • Definitely. It’s a real nightmare. People have no power or freedom any longer. The government is telling doctors what they can and cannot do. A bunch of right-wing men are making decisions for over half the population, regarding what they can do with their own bodies. They don’t care how many women die, or suffer and they couldn’t care less about the unwanted children. If a 12 year old is raped she will be forced to carry and deliver a baby. No exceptions in Arkansas and Texas. A child herself, her body not even developed, will be forced BY LAW to do that. If that isn’t the most hateful thing to do to a child, by a GOVERNMENT, I don’t know what is.

      • The anti-trans laws are also going to affect teens and families. It is a nightmare.

      • A nightmare. More kids will die, more women will die and all those ugly old and hateful right wing men will smile and celebrate. Horrifying. I’m hoping we reach a tipping point and people get so furious, they will take action that makes a difference. Marching doesn’t work. We need to SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. We need to find out where their assets are and boycott every single thing they are getting money from. That’s all they understand.

  6. Yep. Crazy world.
    And Macron doesn’t want to “humiliate” P*tin?

    • OMG. Insanity.

      • I am going crazy. Seriously.

      • It’s the world, not you.

      • Good point. Thank you… 🙏🏻

      • America is so divided. I don’t see any hope that we will ever fix the divide. It’s only going to get worse.

      • Weird isn’t it? How a country that has almost “everything” falls back into old demons. And that is in many places.

      • I think it happens every time and for the same reasons. Greed and power. This has always been an ugly patriarchal country. It’s just worse since the orange one opened the Hell Gate and let the hate out.

      • The crook has opened the gates of Hell indeed… Hopefully he won’t come back… 🤞🏻

      • Fingers crossed. He’s still well loved by the insane and they still vote.

      • Indeed. They still vote…

      • They are fanatics and a lot of them are well armed.

      • Fanatics of every hue and origin and creed have always concerned me. All the more so with weapons… Noooooo.

      • I just sat a stat that said there have been 213 mass shootings in the US this year, SO FAR. Fourteen children were murdered in a Texas grade school today, along with one teacher. I don’t know how many are in the hospital. An 18 year old, killed his grandmother, then went to 2 and 3rd grad classes and opened fire, I guess. The police killed him.

      • The stat doesn’t surprise me. This is probably one of the major long overdue issues that needs to be tackled… Like yesterday.
        I read the news about the shooting. What can one say? When one of your children has just been killed at school by a raving maniac, will you keep sending your other kids? I think I wouldn’t.

      • 19 kids are dead, 2 teachers. It’s Texas. Everyone has guns in Texas. The republicans are owned by the NRA. They are busy protecting cells inside a woman, who wants an abortion. They do NOT care about living children, and they never have. Because the NRA is rich, they can but the republican party and because the republicans are violent fanatical conservatives, who love control over others and violence, nothing will change, no matter how many children die. And kids have to go to school, but this country is violent. And yes 213 mass shootings SO FAR. It won’t be the last. America is not what people think it is. The republicans are showing their true faces and they are ugly, violent, hateful and evil.

      • So the Machiavellian view would be to prohibit abortion so the kids can be killed at school later? I know the world is crazy but it is driving me crazy. I can’t understand greed and hatred.
        Have you “done” any chicklets lately? I need a dose of chicklets…

      • I’ll get on that right away. 🙂 They need kids to die in wars so they can get richER. The republicans don’t care about people in general. They despise women and minorities and all they want is control. They are terrified that they will lose power or control, therefore, they absolutely refuse to compromise or allow gun laws to pass (they are in the pockets of the NRA and have been for years, as I said before). Our government doesn’t work. It’s divided, just like the people are. They are busy fighting each other and while democrats try to get things done, the republicans, who actually attacked washington, refuse to vote for the people. They are disgusting and hateful people, who only care about themselves. I really don’t know what’s going to happen to the country. Civil war has been talked about quite a bit. I hope it doesn’t come to that but truthfully, there’s no way to compromise. None at all. Liberals who believe in freedom, vs, conservatives who want everyone to live the way they want them to. No one is thinking about the people. Not in the republican party.

      • I like America. I’ve lived in too many sh.tty countries, too many dictatorships. America does have its flaws, but compared to a lot of the world, it still has… good sides. But what I see lately is frightening.
        All the ingredients are set for major violence… Let’s hope no. 🤞🏻

      • Well, I agree. I’ve never lived anywhere else and life has been great, but things are falling apart. Violence is out of control and the government has stopped working. The republicans are out to destroy democracy and freedom and they have a lot of followers. Cults are like that.

      • Cults. Yes, you’ve mentioned that before. People want to believe in something, in the worst. And historically, creeds have always turned into fanaticism. So we’re stuck between Greed and Creed. Great.

      • Religion is a cult. Big time, clothing, secret hand gestures, colors, ritual, and on and on. It fits every thing they measure quotes by. Governments are out of control. They have not interest in the people, other than what they can get from them. The idea of men regulating women’s bodies and health care is so horrific, it’s unimaginable, in this day and age. More punishment and control of women, more poverty for poor women. The republican part is anti freedom, democracy and they are only interested in power over others and complete control. They are a blight on the county.

      • I’ve always thought that religions are nothing more than myths that have prospered.
        And Republicans? Prosperous crooks? 😉

      • Religions are cults to control people, terrify them, take their money and their children and they are made up of rapists, and liars. They are secretive and rich beyond belief. They don’t share and are pretty much evil. It’s all made up to control the behavior of others. Same old, same old.

      • Was he a raving maniac? I don’t know. People don’t seem to have a compass any longer. The country is divided and the government doesn’t work for the people. No idea why the kid went off. Minorities have difficult lives. Texas believes and lives by the gun. Kids get them for birthday presents. Texas is a red state with horrific abortion laws. I don’t know how anyone could do what that 18 year old did. Why he was filled with such hatred, or thirst for attention. We can only guess and that doesn’t mean anything. A lot of kids want to be famous nowadays. Maybe he had a horrible life. Maybe not. Who knows? 22 people were killed in Chicago over the weekend, I think. But no one says much about it because they are minority kids and they blame everything on gangs, not on the fact that the government keeps people poor, uneducated, in poor health, doesn’t provide food stores (a couple are actually opening in food deserts, run by African Americans, so that’s wonderful). No insurance, no safety, no jobs that can support anyone. But, we can spend money on all kinds of things 58 billion to Ukraine, which is great, but they never have money for the people in this country. No health care. Years ago they turned the mentally ill out of care and put them on the street. Told them to go to places to get their meds, as if they were able to do that. Yeah, we don’t have money for that. I don’t know what to tell you, but things are a mess. And yet, people just go about their lives, because they have been brainwashed not to start trouble, or speak up. The government (republicans) have literally turned against the people. My opinion, of course.

      • I value your opinion my dear Gigi. In France, people are beginning to get killed on the street. In posh neighbourhoods. Knives. Guns.
        And on your side of the border, Oklahoma apparently banned abortion. They couldn’t wait for the Supremes… (NOT Diana Ross of course). 😡

      • Men can’t wait to control women. Seriously, violence has always been used to control us and now they are going back to the days when women were owned and allowed to be beaten. Women and minorities have not power or voice in this country. None at all. The republican party has somehow decided that they own us and we work for them. I’m hoping that when the revolution comes, they will be the first to go.

      • Sadly I don’t see how we can avoid either war or revolution, all of which end up in bloodshed… Anyway… has Spring “sprung” up?

      • Off and on. Flowers are planted and the weather is up and down, but it’s not winter, so I’m happy. 🙂 Yay!

    • CrazedNoMore said:

      Re “crazy world”

      Everyone “knows” the world is crazy (which always “conveniently” means the world/OTHER people, usually the governing authorities, are crazy but not they themselves, of course). Yet no one typically offers an good explanation why that is. Have you ever wondered WHY the world is crazy? How do you explain it intelligently? Do you have a coherent explanation for the craziness of the world that makes sense (religious fantasies are obviously excluded because they only “make sense” and are “valid” to fantasy lovers but never to reality-based truth-seekers)?

      The WHOLE big picture (not just a part of the big picture) that makes up the human condition, that explains the craziness of the world (if you ever genuinely wondered WHY it is that the world is crazy), that describes human conduct over millennia is the hegemony of the 2 married pink elephants in the room and has never been on clearer display than with the deliberate global Covid Scam atrocity — see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” …

      “2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into…3 shots to feed your family!” — Unknown

      ““We’re all in this together” is a tribal maxim. Even there, it’s a con, because the tribal leaders use it to enforce loyalty and submission. … The unity of compliance.” — Jon Rappoport, Investigative Journalist

      • In my opinion there are people who want to control others and others who do not want to be controlled. The republicans are conservatives who want to control and own other people. I’m against that. The did brain studies on conservatives and liberals and the results clearly showed that the part of the brain that showed FEAR was much larger in conservatives. I don’t care that they are afraid. I care that they want to own me. Greed and the insatiable need for power, among men who start wars and always want more, never caring how many die for them, is another thing I’m against. I think there’s something wrong with all of us but this place is a life and death environment. Always has been. Never going to change. Could we change it? Only if we changed ourselves and that’s not going to happen.

  7. AMAZING POST!! Thank you so very much for laying this out for everyone to see!! I shared this with my followers!!! Now we have Governmentally FORCED BIRTHING and the creation of a new class of RAPE DADS!!! This is religious persecution disguised as a “moral issue”. It is disguising as a moral issue because different religions believe differently on when life begins. You cannot have a “Preborn Person”!!! You become a person when you are “Born”.

    The personhood of a fertilized egg, and embryo or fetus is a fiction, not a fact. It is the same type of fiction that lets the law consider a Corporation a Person! A fictional fantasy!!

    You don’t become a person until you draw the Breath Of Life! A person has to have a soul, a body and the breath of life to become a person. Thanks so much for posting this!!!
    Chuck 👍✨✨👌

    • Thank you for your fabulous comment. I appreciate it so very much. You’re right, of course. It’s all about controlling women and turning them into property of the state. Imagine a 12 year-old, raped and pregnant, forced to give birth. If that’s not flat our hatred of females, I don’t know what is and NOTHING EVERY HAPPENS TO MALES. EVER, EVER, EVER. WOMEN ARE PUNISHED FOR EVERYTHING MEN DO TO THEM AND I’M SO SICK OF IT. Sorry for yelling.

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