Art and the philosophy of life

women and wolves they have the same characteristics they’re all about family order play and respect they are loyal intelligent and willing to use whatever they have to defend their pack but when they run the world disappears and they become a wild and unstoppable force of nature and that is where they find true freedom Phoot:  Pixabay I’m an […]

WOMEN WHO RUN WITH WOLVES – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

Comments on: "WOMEN WHO RUN WITH WOLVES – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless" (12)

  1. Brava to women and wolves. Don’t tread on us.

    • That…is so true. I was at a music concert for women and we filled up all the spaces. When a man walked through our mob, they walked quickly and looked down, until they were gone. We all enjoyed that part. They were afraid of us. They should be.

      • There is safety in numbers so we have to stick together 😊

      • If only we could do that. More of us. Things might actually change.

      • Right! there’s too many under the boot and satisfied to be taken care of at whatever cost.

      • That is so very true and unfortunate for all of us.

      • Yes, it’s a big part of the problem.

      • Women have purposely been kept apart from each other. I don’t know how to fix the problems and that’s part of the problem. So many women don’t see other women as important. Some are afraid to speak. It just goes on and on. So we remain prisoners, surrounded by silence.

      • There is also a rivalry among women that doesn’t exist between men. What’s that about? Men?

      • Well, women have always had to fight for men because they were never allowed to have enough to take care of themselves. They needed men to survive. That really hasn’t changed that much, with deadbeat dads and women raising children alone. Money is given to men, not to women, as well as all the other perks. When women die, other women take care of the man who is left with children, or even alone. That doesn’t happen with women. So men are temporary security and in the past women had nothing at all so “forced dependency” was all they had. They couldn’t inherit from their fathers, they couldn’t work (except the lowest class). They could sell their bodies, but women have always been kept poor and desperate. So men were the goods they needed to keep their children and themselves alive. It’s still that way. It’s done on purpose, because a lot of women wouldn’t get married, if they could take care of themselves, therefore, for men to have them, they needed to be desperate to sruvive.

      • That’s so true Gi, I remember my great grandma , 6 kids , could not even drive, totally at the mercy of her husband. Where could she go, she had to endure for the sake of her kids and herself. Things have changed now but women are still rivals, more so the back in those dark ages. The more accomplished we become it seems the more competitive we are with our own gender.

      • That’s true and poor women are still in that long ago trap. Women didn’t have bank accounts or didn’t even “own” their own children. And men could beat them with a stick, as long as it wasn’t thicker than their thumbs. They were house bound, unless accompanied to events. And no birth control. Think of what the women who fought to get us the vote went through. OMG It’s insane the way women are forced to live. Violence is the mean weapon to keep us in line.

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