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people often said
that She wasn’t like
other women
and of course
they were right
except for the genetic part
other than that She might not
have been like other women
I mean no two women are the same
so saying that She wasn’t like other women
was just a simple truth
that could be said about any woman
She loved information
and picked it up
wherever she could
shoving it into the file cabinets
in her mind
until eventually
became information
so relationships
were impossible
even her dog
wasn’t happy
since She was always
asking him questions
and while he answered her questions
She never understood
a word he barked
which was frustrating
for both of them
on so many levels
but still
She fed him well
took him for walks
let him sleep on the bed
and petted him each and every day
so he never ran away
he just hoped for more
She told him that most of the time
her head was filled with so many stories
and interesting facts
that the real world
seemed dull in comparison
She said that if one could live in stories
why would anyone want to live in the real world
where everything was messy
and just plain insane
her dog listened politely
and tried to stay awake
his stories were far less complicated
all he really wanted was good food
a ball
and a soft place to sleep
but he tried
to the best of his ability
to be there for her
because someone once told him
that that’s what friends do for each other
so She spoke of wonders
of beauty
of things that existed elsewhere
while he put his head on her lap
and thought of his ball
that had rolled under the chair
where he couldn’t reach it
because really
he sighed
we do all live in our own
tiny worlds
and we can only see
as far as our eyes
will allow




Picture:  Pixabay

Comments on: "She wasn’t like other women…a story poem, of sorts." (4)

  1. Your poem?? It is marvelous! Very very good! Am going to reblog this sometime this week!

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