Art and the philosophy of life

People, Faces, Lines, Support, Partner

is one of those words
like love
both are meaningless
without action
so many compassionate people
are currently helping
the people in the Ukraine
find sanctuary
food and shelter
a place of temporary safety
while the governments of the world
do little to stop the war
that is destroying their country
and those they love
the world is not only letting
a tiny bully
hold the rest of the countries captive
it’s opening the door
to other bullies
who are waiting
to make their move
and America
supposedly the big dog on the block
is doing busy work
and playing games
with other rich guys
ignoring the bloody bodies
that are littering
the streets
what good
is our gigantic
stockpile of weapons
if we can’t use them
to save the lives
of people who are under
what are the weapons for
when we just sit by
and film the
for the nightly news
the tiny bully
isn’t following the rules
but the rest of the world is
why are we dancing to his tune
puppets in his
bid for world takeover
I don’t get it
but it’s kind of funny
that everyone is afraid
of the nuclear bombs
they built themselves
did anyone believe
even for a minute
that they would never be used
at all

Photo:  Pixabay



Comments on: "Compassion…a poem of sorts" (35)

  1. I’ve been thinking these exact things. I’m wary of all the “look at how compassionate we are” news articles when what we really need to do is stop this war. Now.

    • Absolutely. Compassionate people don’t let other people get gunned down and killed and do nothing to STOP it. But governments do what’s good for THEM, not for the people. This is all a game played by the men in charge. The rich, elite people, who think about yachts and sanctions, while people are dying and a country is destroyed. Where is compassion, if yachts are even mentioned? It’s insane.

  2. I’m using this in my next sunflowers post. Is this okay by you? xo

  3. An excellent poem. I think that saying nuclear bombs might be used is a very convenient way of staying out of the conflict for the big Western Powers.

    • I think it’s that way for all the countries. No one wants to go down in HIStory as the guy who started WWIII. I am horrified that a tiny dictator is able to hold the world hostage, while he kills everyone around him, including his own men. It’s completely insane. Especially since he can pull the nuclear card out of his pocket anytime he wants something. All the talk and closed McDonald’s won’t save a single life.

  4. This is a gut wrenching truth Gigi. The free world is held hostage by thugs in this war of Putin’s making. I still envision the little boy running naked down the dirt road as we dropped our napalm in VN. We’ve had enough of war.

    • Words, good wishes, prayers, signs…don’t stop bullets, or feed people. Action, bodies, ammo, planes, arms…backup…those things help. Those of us who want the war to end, for the people of the Ukraine to be safe, and have time to bury their dead and rebuild their homes, feel terrible about what they’re going though, be we have no idea the nightmare their lives have become. Every second, while the rest of the world goes about it’s day, those people fight, hide, search for food and loved ones, and have no idea when things will end.

      The other countries should either step up and stop what’s happening, or stop pretending they are actually doing something.

      Once someone threatens you with nuclear war, he’ll pull that out of his pocket anytime he wants anything…like the next country. How many people have to die, before the world stops him?

      • It’s horrific what’s going on in Ukraine. It’s heartbreaking. How many men women and children must die? America will eventually join the war, it’s our nature to war.

  5. You’re right. It is our nature. We just usually do it to get something we want. The fact that we could make a difference (all the countries), and we sit by and watch, is something I’ll never be able to understand. If they were in NATO we could fight him? So you have to be in the gang to get help? If you’re not a gang member I guess you don’t matter.

  6. I know just what you mean. I don’t understand how one tin-pot dictator can hold the entire world hostage while he murders women and children with impunity.

  7. What can I say? Brilliant. Those are the words that maybe will save us. (Is anyone listening?) 🇺🇦

  8. I’ve been going through Resa’s “selection”, including your powerful words. I wonder whether this little group can or will move things, but at least I am honoured to “know” you all.

  9. Hard truths here, Gigi. Well done, my friend.

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