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Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are displaced, on the front lines of battle with Russia or awaiting the end of the invasion from their homes after Russia began its attack on Ukraine in the early morning of Feb. 24. Here is a list I compiled of ways to support. Whenever possible, I have included information […]

How to help Ukraine amid Russian attacks — Waldina

Comments on: "How to help Ukraine amid Russian attacks — Waldina (a long list of ways to help the Ukrainian people from blogger Waldina)" (5)

  1. These are such strong and remarkable people. My heart is breaking for them. Putin’s Russia will forever be a pariah . This is what happens when we allow a thug dictator to bully and threaten. We are witness to the cowardice of the Republican Party as the former disgraced president attempts to destroy our own democracy.

    • You’re absolutely right. And seeing the poor Russian people being dragged away because they are quietly protesting. Saying they don’t want war. They have friends in the Ukraine, that they will be remembered for this and be ashamed. They have arrested thousands of people and are threatening them, for holding peace signs. And they said Putin will do whatever it takes because he’s getting pressure from rich Russians and this was supposed to be easy, and it’s not, so they man said he has to save face and win. They are shooting people and doing terrible things.

      One man is ding this. One man is upsetting the whole world and murdering people. I don’t get it.

      • It’s incredible that one bully dictator can hold us hostage by threatening to destroy mankind and I believe that like Trump he cannot deal with losing. He would rather destroy the world. I think we have to find a way to rid the world of him.

      • Couldn’t agree more. So many dead and displaced, fleeing with the children and animals. Hospitals, homes, so many buildings destroyed. All because of one egotistical bully. He needs to be removed from power for good. And Russia should have to pay to rebuild the Ukraine with his personal money.

      • Putin needs to face a tribunal not allowed to bully the world. These countries that won’t at the very least denounce Putin’s actions like India and Mexico ( who praised Putin) need to be under pressure as to where they stand on the world stage.

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