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what happens to women is not up to them women are ALLOWED to have as much as they are GIVEN by the males in power even the rights we have fought for which should be ours as a matter of course can be taken away whenever men decide we can no longer have them our […]

WE CAN NEVER STOP FIGHTING – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

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  1. Indeed. We cannot. Though I must say that with age, I’m becoming a bit weary and tired…

    • Oh, I’m so with you on that. It’s been a long road, one that has no end. I’m tired,as well.

      • Glad I’m not the only one. (Though you still have a lot of energy) I guess for me, it is just a matter of picking my battles with even greater care… 😉

      • Right now, I’m not sure we can win any of them.

      • I must confess I agree… And it does sour up my mood. A feeling of powerlessness, and hopelessness… I am convinced something good will emerge. But we are in the middle of a biiiiig storm, and the damage that “needs to” (or will) be done before anything emerges haunts me a bit…
        I don’t know. Bad feeling…
        But. Let’s hope for the best right?

      • I agree with you. I hope something better comes of all of this but I can’t see how. I want to believe it. This is a huge change in our story, but whatever changes come about, are unknown at this moment. Another war, more killing. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I feel as if we’re on the edge, don’t know which way we’ll fall.

      • I’ve done a lot of filing and referencing of my parents’ photographs going all the way back to when they started in Pakistan immediately after the war. I knew some of their friends there and later in Africa. Most if not all had been in the war. The most educated and gentle people. It seemed to me, as I remember them when I was a child or a young man, that the war had made them as they were. After so many horrors, all they wanted was peace and fair play.
        So yes, we are on the edge. because people have forgotten… Fingers crossed.

      • War is insane. Completely insane. It’s all about male games and greed. Just ridiculous. I’m currently reading about women photojournalists in Viet Nam. So war and more war. The book is excellent. I hope you show us the photographs. So different from the lives most of us live, or have lived. Looking forward to seeing them.

      • War and more war… Again. We will never learn until the last “monkey” is standing…
        I will show the pics. And movies. On that I am halfway trough. A single reel is about two weeks work… Oh.

      • More war. I was stunned to hear key people on the news talk about Putin as if he wasn’t an insane bully. How can those people not see that there’s no talking to him. That he’s not going to stop. That he’s going to keep going, that he’s a sociopath? How can they believe they can talk this out? Economic sanctions will work in a way, but they won’t stop him. He’s determined. If you look at him, you can see that he doesn’t care about the cost in bodies, or anything else. He is smiling and implying that he’s not opposed to using nuclear weapons, if the rest of the counties try and stop him. I think human beings are just going to commit global suicide and just get it over with. Mad men see that as the ultimate power. Ah, someone just came on and said that Putin is mocking everyone, as if they could stop him. He’s playing with everyone. At least someone is telling the TRUTH and not lying about what they can do to stop him. Someone else just said the sanctions will hurt in the long run but they won’t stop him now. He’s been compared to Hitler and how he started…

        Looking forward to your posts and video’s. 🙂

      • Agreed. He doesn’t give a s.. (damn). Dictators never care. And never stop. Until someone stops them. Sanctions? He must be laughing…

      • he’s not laughing now. He isn’t getting his own way, and like all spoiled, small minded bullies, he’s pitching a temper tantrum. He told everyone it would take one day to take over the country. He threatened the world with a nuclear bomb. He thought he could take what he wanted, since no one ever slapped him around before and he must be having a fit, because almost the whole world is against him, including some of the Russian people themselves.

      • Yes, a few thousand Russians were brave enough to protest in the streets. And get arrested…

      • 8 thousand…2 the first day and 6 the next time. everyone should protest and let them lock everyone up. A friend said she heard the might get 20 years in jail for protesting, but she doesn’t know if it’s true.

      • 20 years would not surprise me. The Russians have never been free. (Just published the post I’ve been working on since the invasion… Let me know what you think.

      • Your post was wonderful. I was talking to a woman from the Ukraine today and she said the prisoners could be sent to Siberia. Her family home is 30 from the border. Things are starting to happen, but America is dragging her feet and it’s so frustrating. Lots of talk but nothing to show for it. I take that back, we are barely even talking. I think they’re busy talking about wearing masks. Terrible.

      • I’m not surprised about Siberia. The Russians have used the place for centuries precisely for that.
        And yes, I’m not sure we (the West) are doing enough…
        Talk, talk… (Terrible indeed)

      • We are not doing enough. If we were doing enough they would have weapons, planes, drones, and anything else they need to fight back. Someone said that he is losing face and he’ll do anything for that not to happen, so there’s nothing he won’t do to win this war. The rick are publicly already telling him to stop the war, but he said that he can’t, because he couldn’t face it and that makes him really dangerous. The Ukraine also has an senior population, like 30%, which makes this an attack on the elderly as well, not that it matters what age people are.

      • Yeah. Despite some reports, I still think we are not doing enough. France appears to be sending only “defensive” non-lethal equipment… They need ammunition.
        Do you “remember” the Berlin blocus? I thought it was ’62, which I don’t remember, but, no. It was ’48. (Which you wouldn’t remember either) The Russians had blocked West Berlin. Immediately a huge air transport was organized to get them to back off. And it worked. The missiles in Cuba? Back off!

      • We don’t actually seem to be doing ANYTHING. Anything that is saving lives, that is. I’m horrified by what the governments of the world are not doing. It’s shameful. Talk doesn’t keep people alive. People are being murdered and all the governments are doing is watching.

      • It looks that way, doesn’t it? Sanctions? Seriously?

      • What’s happening is unforgivable. Dead kids, bodies in the thousands. While the rich guys talk, set up meetings and impound yachts. If that’s not open insanity I don’t know what is…oh, wait, that’s just rich guys doing their thing, I guess.

  2. Very well said as always.
    “the path they have
    dug for us” wow

  3. Yes, We should Never stop fighting.

  4. Never. And the fighting will last for ever, so we will literally never stop.

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