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Comments on: "Emily is doing great. Nap time. She’s so fabulous and we are both HAPPY as larks in a wild flower field on a warm sunny day in summer." (14)

  1. Emily shouldn’t get so stressed. She needs to learn how to relax!

  2. She came in?? Wow…

  3. Already on the couch! Cat, thy middle name is luxuriate!

    • She has been behind the couch ALL DAY today. Just came out to eat a little, get some pets and then back behind the couch. I can’t get to her there. I’m just leaving her alone. She will do as she pleases, but at least she’s warm. It’s going to be 1 degree tonight and -7 tomorrow night, so I’m happy she came in. It’s going to take awhile. It took her 9 years to just come in. LOLOL

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