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Mary…a story about gifts.

Ever since she was a child, Mary could see the gray people.  She always wondered why they never answered her, when she spoke to them.

One day, she was sitting on the porch with her grandmother, when her grandmother said, “You see everyone, don’t you, Mary?”

“Who is everyone?” she asked.

“Those who have lost their color.”

“Oh, yes,” Mary said, nodding.  “They never say hello.  Sometimes I think they’re going to, but then they just move away.”

“You have a gift,” said her grandmother.  “Not everyone can see those who are gray.”

“Why not?”

“Because you have to have something special to be able to see them.  Our family has a…long line of women who are…”

“Able to see dead people?”

Her grandmother laughed.  “How did you know they were dead?”

Mary shrugged.  “I guessed.  I mean they aren’t real, like we are, and they never talk to me.  But some see me, because they know I can see them.”

“It’s better if you don’t look at those who notice you,” said her grandmother, the smile slipping from her lips.


“Because it’s never good to have the attention of the dead, while you’re alive.”

“Okay,” said Mary.  “I saw a dog once and he wagged his tail when he saw me.”

“Dogs are fine, just don’t look at the people who look at you.”


“Promise?” asked her grandmother, holding out her pinkie.

Mary giggled, and placed her finger around her grandmother’s. “Are we witches?”

“Yes.  But it’s better if you don’t tell anyone.  People don’t understand about those things.  They are afraid of magic and people who aren’t like them.”


“Are you ever afraid of the gray people?”

“No,” she said.  “They seem really busy, always rushing about.”

Her grandmother smiled at her.  “If you’re ever afraid, or if you have any questions, you come to me right away.  If I’m not here, go to your mother.”

“I will.  I promise,” said Mary.

Her grandmother hugged and kissed her, then took her into the kitchen for ice cream and cookies.  Mary’s mother was at the sink, and when Mary’s grandmother nodded at her, her mother paled, then reached for the ice cream dishes.

As an adult, Mary still sees the gray people.  She has never seen another dog.  She feels that animals go to a better place immediately upon crossing and have no need to stay tied to the earth.

The gray people don’t bother her, because Mary keeps her promise to her grandmother, who is no longer with her.  After all, a promise is a promise, and that’s one she’ll never break.  Never look at the dead, if they are looking at you.


Photo:  Llya Bronskly

Comments on: "Mary…a story about gifts." (28)

  1. What a great story to go with this photo! Your imagination is fantastic, Gigi!

  2. My glasses are so fogged, I could barely read this!
    Gi, you can make a story out of ANYTHING! Adore!

    • I went for a walk and just put my glasses in my pocket. It’s hopeless. LOL And thank you. I to write stories. 🙂

      • Hugs to Jeep and the Canadian Freezer Cat. Hahahahahaha

      • J&J had a scrap this morning, over a spot on the bed. I hate it when they fight. Massive tufts of fur are shed by Johnny! They float around the apartment and turn into tumblefurs.

      • I always hate that as well. I had cats that used to fight and it gets so upsetting. I finally just put tow in the bedroom and let two run around, then switched them out. Emmie has not come out of the Powder Room. Not even once. It’s been less than 24 hours since she came inside, and that’s not long enough for her to feel comfortable. I pet her all the time. She just ate, but she’s dug in and staying put. But she’s warm and safe.

      • LOL!
        The powder room it is!
        Better than outside. Baby steps, Gi, baby steps.

      • She has taken the powder room and the laundry room as her own. Which is perfect, since they are across from each other in a tiny alcove. So she has two rooms and lots of treats, beds and food. She’s not sleeping in any of the beds, of course, she’s on the floor. She has had soooo many pets today. It’s been 24 hours and she’s slowly settling in. Uses the litter box and she’s warm and safe. I’m so relieved. I’ve been tense for 9 years. LOL Seriously, every time I see a coyote or hear about one in the neighborhood, I’m terrified it’s hungry and coming for her. Now, no worries.

      • Johnny would love her!
        2 small rooms… if he moved in with her, he could upgrade from his closet!

      • She’s moved into the family room a bit. She’s sleeping on the couch. I haven’t tried picking her up. Letting her get used to everything. She’s doing great and we are both happy. She’s so peaceful and calm. It’s just fabulous.

      • She’s taking over, as a cat does.
        I am thrilled!!!!!!!!
        You are right to play it cool.
        No picking up.

      • It will happen when she’s ready. I’ve waited 9 years just for this. We’re getting more snow tonight and tomorrow and I don’t have to worry about ANYTHING. YAY! She’s such a good girl. Your post was incredible and you nailed the era. Just wonderful.

      • Yay!!! and thank you!

      • Yay is right. And you are more than welcome.

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