Art and the philosophy of life

Every time Resa comes to The Coop, she teaches the Sewing Committee, and the Costume Committee chicklets, to sew a bit better.  She gives them little hints and shows them new techniques.  They are very grateful, so this Chickmas, they made a gown for her, to thank her and show show her how much they have learned.

Comments on: "Resa’s gown…from the chicklets." (23)

  1. An absolutely perfect dress for Resa. So roaring 20’s. It’s beautiful 😍

  2. Oh Gi! I can’t thank the Chicklets enough!
    This is one gorgeous gown. If anyone knows about gowns and gorgeous, I do!!!
    It will be in my special Chickmas post in a few days!

    • They were happy to surprise you with it. They are grateful for the things you teach them about sewing, when you visit. They hope you will have fun wearing it.

  3. I have to go make pies, now. I’ll be back!

  4. Love it! A lines are always flattering on any chicklet figure!

  5. This is amazing!!!! I knew Tess would love this and be so proud of them!!

  6. Oh, that is marvellous! Of course Resa loves it. How could she not? They are great learners and she is a great teacher.

  7. ❤ 😀 so lovely! The chicklets are always so generous and creative!

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