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Girl, Umbrella, Rain, Wet, Raining

Ever since she was a child, Alice loved the rain.  As she grew older, she would run to the window and press her face against the glass, trying to get a close to the drops as she possibly could.  Her parents thought she was adorable and expected her to  outgrow her passion for those stormy days very soon.

But Alice didn’t outgrow her passion for stormy days.  Instead she talked to the storm and to the raindrops falling on her.  She held out her hand to catch the rain, turned her face to the sky and laughed, as the water washed over her.

One stormy day, Alice realized that wherever she went, it was raining.  She could see the sun shining on the other side of the street, but it was pouring where she was standing.   That’s when she realized that her love for rain was being reciprocated.  She loved the rain…and the rain had fallen in love with her as well.


Photo:  Pixabay

Comments on: "Alice…a short story about love." (8)

  1. She is an honest to goodness pluviophile!

  2. that’s such a sweet little rain-lover story. thanks

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