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I think I’m going to start writing to nancy polsi three times a day, asking her for a donations for one of the no-kill animal shelters I support.  It seems only fair, since she NEVER STOPS asking me for money.

I think it’s a mistake that we just erase all their emails. I think we should send them requests for cash.

We never turn the tables on politicians.  We just let them keep asking for MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE.

Why aren’t we ASKING THEM for ANYTHING?

What if we all started sending them bills, or asking THEM for money?  I think we should do that.  The whole country should rise up and fill the”in boxes,” of politicians with pleas for money.

Fair is fair.  Politicians make huge amounts of money, not to mention the things they make on the side.  And yet, they never seem to have enough.  Apparently, those who have less, are expected to fund the greedy government, who refuses to raise minimum wage to a livable wage.

polosi has turned me off completely.  Her never ending emails, asking for money, have literally made me not care.  Job well done, nancy.

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  1. We don’t get so much of those particular kinds of emails (thankfully) but so much junk mail of one sort or another that I just ‘don’t see it’. There’s the junk mail that gets filtered out and the junk mail that is still junk but isn’t filtered out as such (at least initially). For example, I bought a whole bunch of camera equipment earlier in the year now I’m expected to buy more almost on a daily basis just because they send me offers that are ‘unique’ and ‘special’ just for me. No that’s it until the stuff I have falls apart at the seams. Same with phones or anything else. What I really hate is when you buy something in a store and they say we will email your receipt. No you won’t thanks very much just give me a till receipt because no, I don’t want to be on you mailing list thanks very much. There are pro’s and con’s to technology of course so I guess we have to learn to be flexible to all the negative stuff.

  2. Was just thinking something similar, in the Canadian scope!
    I wrote 40 emails re: the construction, garbage pick-up etc. I never felt like a pest, although the big shots never answered me. I had one devoted underling.
    Time to pick up the pace! New issues have arisen.
    Also….. my BOOSTER? I’m trying to get an appointment. One provider was on the edge of tears. “They aren’t sending us the vaccine, but they are telling people to go get it. WRITE the GOVERNMENT!” she appealed.
    I’ll get busy Monday morning. Yes, writing the people who keep asking for money. No one is ever getting one cent from me, ever!

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