Art and the philosophy of life

Princess Blue Holly’s Tangle-Heart guided her to a back window accessing OtherWorld’s tower. Peering out the only window facing onto OtherWorld, PBH could see DracGoth with Evilomlap Etagloc. DracGoth must have helped Evilomlap escape his imprisonment in a picture frame! Using super hearing, she eavesdropped. EE – Hissss – This OtherWorld you made is a […]

OtherWorld Redux — Art Gowns

Comments on: "OtherWorld Redux — Art Gowns" (6)

  1. Thank you Gi!
    So, the next episode is a straight fashion show with COLOUR and the Chicklets hair, make-up and wardrobe team you drew. It will be awhile, and it will be fun!

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