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We are members of the WE LOVE TURKEYS* committee, and we want to wish you a happy holiday without including dead birds.  We would like it if you loved turkeys when they were alive, like we do.  They make great friends and they can gobble very well.  They do a lot of other things too, and they are fun to be around.

So we are thankful for our turkey friends and out piggy friends and all of our other living friends and we would like you to be happy that their hearts are beating and that feel joy and love.

Thank you, from Danny, Spice and Sofie.

*If you aren’t sure what a turkey looks like, because you’ve only seen dead ones…please see the picture above our feathered heads.

Comments on: "A Thanksgiving Day Message from the chicklets…" (20)

  1. who wouldn’t love a turkey, some of the friendliest guys around – in my daughter’s city ,about 30 miles from me, they have a large turkey population and have put up signs for drivers to be careful and lookout for their crossings

    • How truly wonderful. They are very nice and Farm Sanctuary rescues them. Can people visit the turkeys?

      • The Real Turkeys Of Beverly Hills! (Resident run page)
        Public group
        1.3K members.
        they have their own Facebook page and the community has really embraced them. they post pictures of them in really funny scenarios and comment. they have become a part of the community and are pretty free to go where they like.

      • That is so wonderful. I’m so happy for the turkeys and the people who are kind and caring. Thank you for letting meknow. ❤

  2. Things are, always, better when they are, alive, but unfortunately, we humans, have to, slaughter them, for, whatever reasons, justified, by us…

  3. This is a wonderful post! Turkeys are so beautiful!

  4. Now I’m thinking of my pet turkey, Turkey. Poor thing. Dad lied, said the skunks got him.
    I was born to be a veggie!

  5. Reblogged this on Violet's Vegan Comics and commented:
    We love turkeys too! ❤

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