Art and the philosophy of life

silhouette of woman running on beach during sunset

Photo:  Elisabeth Arnold

Comments on: "Can you remember running flat out, free, no responsibilities, knowing nothing of the evils of the world…just being one with nature? I wish we could do that again." (10)

  1. Oh yeah… and when you do allow yourself for a brief moment, you half hope no one saw you and you chastise yourself for acting foolishly… so you make sure you do it again until that feeling of doing something wrong goes away 🙂

  2. funny, I have a very similar photo of a small boy running in the water in Normandy and was afraid this would be stolen from me (as it happened with much of my work)….. I am glad it’s an original.

    • It’s terrible that so many people steal from others. Horrible. I got that photo off of Unsplash.

      • I saw my own cards in Paris shops, years ago, when Flickr was still young ….. then I started to add my signature at really crucial places, that was fine until the free tool was scrapped…. I think with Ig pics are better protected. Although, when I supplied one of my photos for the ‘death announcement card’ (don’t know if you have those and what you call them) of my youngest sister this year, the friend of my niece told me that she could only use it if she was allowed to ‘take off’ my signature…. which just showed me that there is no security AT ALL. Everything gets stolen or imited in such a way that you just can’t sue.

      • That’s the truth and there are unscrupulous people everywhere. Forgers and thieves.

  3. I really can’t say that i do

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