Art and the philosophy of life

Ever wonder how to capture mother nature in an Art Gown? After all, there are many aspects to her. To name a few, she’s Dogmatic & Powerful Cloudy & Moody Sunshine & Sunsets Seasons & Storms. Then let me introduce you to Tim, to whom Belle Grâce is dedicated. Tim shares all that mystic with […]

Belle Grâce — Art Gowns

Comments on: "Belle Grâce — Art Gowns (Resa’s latest Art Gown…absolutely stunning)" (19)

  1. xo Thank you, Gi!

    • Welcome. Hope the street noise is almost over and hope Johnny is doing well. Your Gown is gorgeous.

      • She is a pretty one. Each one comes out so different. Not sure where the next Art Gown will take me.
        They say (believe it when I see it) that my street will reopen on Monday. Then they will begin the other side of the intersection, and the street parallel to mine.
        The backhoes, jackhammers, EVACS, etc are all coming back. At least it won’t be under my window, and I can get deliveries.
        I’ll let you know about Johnny later. I haven’t checked the litter area yet, today.
        Nonetheless, my little mutton head is as adorable, as ever, even if he does hiss at me 3,4 times a week.

      • He’s a very special cat. LOL Hisssss. Em was in the garden with me today, as I got rid of plants that died from the 21 degree overnight weather the day before yesterday. Poor things. They really held on as long as they could. I still have some that look great, but it won’t be long before they are gone.

        I’m so happy your street will finally be open. How do you like the new door? Maybe you can get your appliances now.Good luck. I hope they mean it this time.

        I’m already looking forward to the next gown. Recycled? Cat Goddess? What?

      • What would we do without our kitties?

        I’m headed into ancient storage in the basement. I’m going to reclaim everything useful. Also, I’ve lots of storage from movies that need to be combed through and dealt with.
        I have several ideas for the next Art Gown. Thing is, I refuse to buy new top of the line fabrics.
        The one I’m most curious about is the gown where I will be using all of the mesh bags (the ones birds get their beaks stuck in at the dump, and starve to death).
        I’ve got a lot, but need a lot more. So, I don’t see that one happening next! Bird Goddess? xoxo

      • That’s horrible about the birds. I didn’t know that. Now I’m sick. I think the Gown would be a wonderful tribute to the birds, just be sure there’s blood on it, since we kill everything.

      • Ahh, the blood is an interesting idea. Hmm, let me work on that!

      • Definitely blood. Think of all the animals and fish that die from plastic bags, etc.,

      • Agree! I will make this Art Gown a sobering statement!

      • Definitely. It will be a fabulous addition to your Art Gown Show, when you have it.

      • I hope you find lots of goodies in your search. I’m sure you forgot about some of the things you have and you will be inspired.

  2. so incredibly lovely

  3. Great 👍
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Love this, as always!

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