Art and the philosophy of life

man in green shirt singing

…he came from a much…darker…place.  His interests tended to be a bit more hellish and his dog, Harold, had three heads.  His parents thought he was perfect, but then, they would, wouldn’t they.  He liked Batman films, and was especially taken with the Joker.  He was thrown out of daycare his very first day.  Apparently sticking others to the ceiling is frowned upon by the adults.  His parents do not want to home school Adam, but would like him to be socialized, like other children.  They are petitioning for his reentry into the daycare center.

Photo:  Zachary Kadolph

Comments on: "Adam wasn’t like other children…" (13)

  1. Hard for a kid like that to find a place in the system, he should be raised, outside of it instead…

    • It’s always hard for those who are the same as everyone else. THE SYSTEM, runs on robot minds. It labels an spits out anyone who doesn’t toe the line. He needs to find his place in the scheme of things or start a school of his own.

  2. I’d like to be able to stick people to the ceiling! What a fab gift!

  3. Not easy to try and stay an individual while hanging with others.

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