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“fired” all of it’s volunteers.  Mostly “well-to-do older white women,” to be exact.  They felt there were just “too many white women.”  Well trained, experienced, knowledgeable, greeters, tour guides, etc.  Now the jobs will go to other groups who will be paid to do the same thing the volunteers did.

I wonder how many white men are on the board, and if we can fire them?  We need diversity in every area, and I think we should start at the top.  It only makes sense.  But I suppose it’s easier to get rid of women, since no matter their color, or background, women are always treated as if they are disposable.

I hope they don’t fire the lions.

Photo: Dylan La Pierre

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  1. I don’t know about the lions but maybe if they do exist, they cd be fed those board members 🤔

  2. The world has gone mad! I am believer in meritocracy regardless of race / gender / colour / creed etc. etc. equality / balance / harmony and common sense is what’s needed. Firing all white trash employees or firing all male employees isn’t going to achieve equality, it’s going to foment hatred, anger and resentment and we already have more than enough of that.

    • They fired older, well-to-do women. They said there were too many women. It’s insane. They volunteered, worked for free and now they will pay people to do the same job..and they have to train them.

      • It should have been a gradual process. As one quit, a replacement could be hired and be trained by the remaining experienced and knowledgeable volunteers. No brainer – or should be!

      • Absolutely. Terrible plan…or no plan, actually. Shows that the people who did it, aren very intelligent and shouldn’t be running the place.

  3. Yes they will have to fire the lions also – they are male and we can’t have that can we

  4. I agree with Kiki… let’s feed the lions…

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