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Cinderella…a short story

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Cinderella’s name was actually, Alice.  She was named after her fourteenth great-grandmother, who was burned as a witch centuries ago.  The name Cinderella was made up by a man who wanted to make money off of her, without giving her a cut of the profits, or royalties.

Alice never swept anything, let alone a fireplace.  She never longed for a prince, or even a king, for that matter.  She wanted to be a singer in a girl band and tour the country.  Her mother didn’t die, she was sent away.  Her husband was ugly, inside and out.  He was nice in the beginning, at least that’s what her mother told her.  He was handsome and kind.  He was also poor.  As soon as he started making money, he changed.

Her mom left because her husband threatened to kill her if she stayed.  He told her that if she tried to take Alice, he would kill both of them.

So, Alice, being the clever and intelligent daughter that she was, waited until her father came home drunk, after a night out with who knows what.  Once he was unconscious,  she stabbed him about a hundred and fifty two times, more or less, she wasn’t actually counting.

So, you see there were no evil stepsisters, no evil stepmother, just an evil father.  Alice, once free, moved in with her mother. They lived happily in SoHo, New York, where they both became actors and poets.  And yes, Alice did play in a girl band but she decided she liked acting better, so that became her main gig.

There was a Fairy Goddess Mother.  She’s the one who got rid of the body, and made sure Alice and her mother inherited everything.  There never was a prince, by the way.  Never any glass slipper either.  In the original version of the story the Goddess Mother was a tree on her mother’s grave, because we all know that women in stories written by men, have to die.

Just thought you should know.


Picture:  Pixabay

Comments on: "Cinderella…a short story" (19)

    • I think so too. Thank you. Hows the litter problem and the street noise?

      • We are still prisoners of construction. They say Early Oct. we shall be emancipated. I’ll believe it when it happens.
        Litter…. oh Gi… It’s only so/so.
        There is now urinating outside the litter box, twice.
        I’ll be talking to the vet next week.

      • He really didn’t like the litter change. I’m so sorry all of you have to go through this. I can understand you wanted to call the vet. Early October is over. Maybe they don’t know that. It’s heading toward the END of October. I hope the problems go away soon.

      • He’s such a sweet boy. Going outside the litter box is a main sign of dementia. Actually, so is crying at night when the house is dark. He’s always been odd. I can’t help but worry.

      • I understand completely. I worry over the slightest thing, with regard to Emily. You can never be too safe. I would call the vet too. He’s such a sweet baby. It’s hard to believe he has dementia. I hope he’s just made about the change in the litter. I’m sorry he’s reacting/acting the way he is and I hope things get back to normal soon. ❤

      • The vet says to leave the light on in his litter room. It’s dark in there. It’s going to take a bit of time, but I’m cleaning the hallway and moving the litters out there. There’s always lights on in the hallway.
        The light was on last night. So far so good today.
        Also, if he’s crying in the dark, I should call him. I did that last night. He ran to my voice, no problem. Thing is he would snuggle for 10 mins. then head back out into the dark. Then 5 minutes later he would cry. Then I would call him and he’d run to my voice, again.
        This went on and on and on, over and over! He was soooo happy!
        Sure beats the 2 nights he slept on a piece of paper under the bed. He wouldn’t come out, even to eat. I waved an opened can of food under the bed, whereupon he went into the kitchen.Then I picked him up and carried him to his food bowl.
        I’m going to try leaving some lights on low tonight.

      • Lights on seems like the answer, or part of it, anyway. Maybe he’s having trouble seeing. At least there’s nothing wrong with him and that’s wonderful news. 🙂 ❤ I guess you'll just have to keep trying. But lights seem to be the answer. Good luck. You must be exhausted.

      • Yes… he is my little (big little) baby boy!
        So, 2 nights now with the lights on, and no accidents! Love his sweet fuzzy face! xo

      • So he’s just afraid of the dark, or can’t see as well as he used to. Mouse, my beloved, cat, lost his vision. I’m so happy you found the answer and things will go back to normal. He’s such a sweetheart and so beautiful. ❤

      • Well, there was #2 by the door, on the cardboard. Nothing messy.
        Moving the cat bathroom out into the hallway will help. The current bathroom is by the backdoor. There’s been a lot of raccoon and rats (rats are from all the construction & sewer digging) around lately. Esp. the raccoon use the fire escape, and he probably smells them. Norm is going to cut part of his litter box down on one side in case he’s having issues with that.

      • It sounds as if you’re on the right track. I’m sure he can smell the other outdoor guests. Rats always appear when there’s construction. It disturbs all the animals. I hope it’s over soon and your life goes back to normal. With Johnny as well.

      • Got an update. They were supposed to be finished, with traffic lights working…TODAY.
        The update says November 8, or later.
        I’m so sick of this!

      • How awful. And there’s nothing you can do about it, unfortunately. Blah

      • Blah is right!
        This whole caged in area is going to pot!
        An idiot kicked our front door in yesterday afternoon. Mess, police, idiot caught on security camera, repair guy, late dinner.
        The window/door had to be fixed asap. $$$

      • How horrible And he was probably homeless and has no insurance. I’m so sorry. That’s just insane. I really don’t know what’s happening. Violence seems to be the answer for everything,in the minds of a lot of people.

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