Art and the philosophy of life

Witches…a poem

Closeup crop blond with black painted mask on eyes and symbols on skin looking at camera

you think we don’t exist
but we are everywhere
we teach your children
cure your dis-ease
we grow your food
and write the books you read
we lecture
and run the businesses
you support
we keep you safe
in a world of violence
that never ends
we are the children
of those they never
and we are everywhere


Photo:Erik Mclean

Comments on: "Witches…a poem" (16)

  1. And both you and I would have been burned at the stakes long ago. Witches rock……the white ones (that is not a reference to skin tone)

  2. Thank goodness for witches!

  3. Gi! I’m working on your Hallowe’en costume now! I emailed Holly in her Bumble Bee costume to you!

  4. Loved it at B @R , love it here!

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