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Everyone is trying out their costumes for the party.  The chicklets have learned, over the years, that their wings must be free, and they have to be able to use their beaks.

Clarese is going as a very nice vampire, who rescues animals from bad people. James is going as a clown.  But clowns are not liked very much, since they often frighten the baby chicklets and bunnies, so James said he may change his costume and be a race care driver instead  Fuzzy Tail is a Super Shero.  She made her cape all by herself, and is very happy that she joined the costume committee a few months ago.

Costumes are in flux, changes are being made on a daily basis, so no one is sure about anything, which is a big part of the fun.

Comments on: "The chicklets made me start drawing. Chicklets and Halloween." (55)

  1. I can understand the clown adjustment, and I feel like costumes always morph right up to the last minute )

  2. Thank you to those chicklets!
    It’s always great to see your drawings : )

  3. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    The Chicklets are back ❤️

  4. Timothy Price said:

    The chicklets are adorable.

  5. It is true. So many are afraid of clowns. They have time to change their minds over and over again.

  6. How fun. The chicklets are precious all ready. Love you sweetie. ❤️🤗Joni

  7. Autumn cuteness that brings a smile 😊

  8. Tell James to go as a race car driver for sure… not a fan of clowns myself… though he does look cute 🙂

  9. Clarese is the cutest vampire… 💕

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