Art and the philosophy of life

The girl…

she liked it here
liked the dust
hanging in the air
and coating the floor
liked the huge pipes
the complete silence
and the light
coming in where it could
made patterns
that fed her
there was no one
to bother her
no one to interrupt her
she was alone
with the stories
the walls were telling her
the past was alive
woven in words and visions
of things that once were
she listened
so the building could
tell the secrets
it held on to
for so very long
unburdened of the past
the building brightened
and thought of a better future
the girl
sat on the dusty floor
and wrote it’s story


Photo:  Lucas Alexander

Comments on: "The girl…" (7)

  1. A lovely poem, love it!❤️

  2. Thank you so very much. I appreciate that.

  3. A life in, seclusion, she had, adapted her self, to…

  4. I am torn. I wonder if she escapes society in general or if she is just taking a break from it..

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