Art and the philosophy of life

do the trees
know what’s coming
do they sigh
and shake their limbs
getting ready for the weight of the snow
or are they happy
to see the hot weather go
so they can rest
sleep deeply
and dream
lovely tree thoughts
about new
green leaves
as they stretch
ready to feel the sun
on their branches
once again


Photo:  Florian Pinket

Comments on: "It’s too early for snow, but I wonder…(thoughts)" (9)

  1. This is ethereally beautiful. I wonder too.

    • Ethereal is the perfect word to describe the photo. What a beautiful photo. And I think the trees communicate and chat about things like the changing seasons and what it’s like to be a tree.

  2. Such a lovely poem. Trees are so quiet and peaceful. I never met one I did not truly love.

    • Thank you and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never met one I didn’t love either. They are majestic and hold secrets we can’t even imagine. ❤ Hope all is well.

  3. Such a beautiful shot and I like to think they like the break…

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