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Neon…at very short story.

good vibes only signage

“Are you in line?” he asked.

“No,” she said.  “I’m just standing here.  I’m not going into the bar.”


“Why what?” she asked.  “Why am I just standing here, or why am I not going into the bar?”

“Both,” he said.

“Read the sign.  Good Vibes Only, and I’m miserable tonight, so I can’t go in with those kinds of vibes.”

“Maybe I’ll see you on the way out, then,” he said.

“Maybe.  If I’m still here.”



Photo:  Victor



Comments on: "Neon…at very short story." (2)

  1. I had a similar situation. I had been at the pub but could not go home because the sign said “no alcohol beyond this point.🤔

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