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Feral cat…2 pictures

My cousins take in feral cats.  Their entire basement, which is beautiful, is dedicated to feral cats.  They live in the country and when a feral comes to their deck to eat, they put traps out and then bring the cat inside.

All of the cats are sweet and adorable.  I was visiting today and took pictures of the ones who were not hiding.  My cousins have done this their entire lives and saved more cats than anyone can count.  The vet comes to her house and cares for the sweet fuzzy ones.  No expense is spared to treat the cats and save their lives.

The gigantic bottom floor where the cats live, is filled with cat trees, about ten huge litter boxes,  wonderful shelves, built right under the windows so they can see out and nap on them, huge soft round beds and hiding places, little tents and toys.  In the first picture you can see the clean dishes waiting in the sink.  The entire place is immaculate.  I mean squeaky clean and there’s no odor.  The cats are wonderful.  The one below loves the sink and he was the first one I saw when I walked in.  Adorable.  I’ll post more later on.

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  1. It’s a wonderful thing they do!

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