Art and the philosophy of life


Rocks that have to be moved into landscape.  This is just ONE small pile of rocks.

Comments on: "My garden has been completely torn down to the dirt. Except for these hosta plants. Emily drinking out of a birdbath when she has an immaculate stainless steel water dish. The patio is covered with rocks, flagstone and lots of other stuff but it’s cleaner than it was. Still so much to do. 2 pictures" (25)

  1. Emily is adorable as Buddha looks on disapprovingly, your going to have a beautiful yard!❤️🌷

  2. I think Emily is very smart.

    • She is, actually and she looked cute getting her drink. I think she knows the stainless dish is a dog dish..LOL It’s also electric, so it’s good in the winter, since the water freezes solid. She’s rather Zen and is one with the birds who drink there.

  3. It’s getting there, and I’m sure the finished product will look great…

  4. Yay you! Lots of work done; lots more to do.
    And of COURSE she’s drinking out of that; way more tasty 😉

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