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The Conversation…

Cat, Pet, Animal, Tabby Cat

“I’ve been thinking,” he said.

“About what?” she asked, putting a plate full of food in front of him.”

“About getting free cat food.”

“Not gonna happen.  No one gives cat food away.”

“What if you brought me into the store with you?”

“Brought you…”

“Take me with you, when you go to the store.  Once the person sees me they’ll give you the cat food for free.”

“You mean just because I bring a cat into the store, you think they’ll give me free food.”


She stared at him.

“If the food is free, then you can spend more time with all of us.”

“She stared at him some more.”

“No one will give us free food.  No one.”

“I can look…kittenish.  Everyone loves kittens.”

“You’re a grown cat.  You look nothing like a kitten.”

“How about now he said,” opening his eyes wider and curling up.

“Not even a little.”


“Really,” she sighed.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive.”

“I thought I could pull it off,” he said, biting his paw.

“You weigh fifteen pounds.  A kitten weighs two.”

“Well sure, but…”

“Forget it.”

“Fine.  I’ll think of something else.”

She nodded and gave him some treats.”



Comments on: "The Conversation…" (2)

  1. Awwww he misses her 🙂

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