Art and the philosophy of life

Skateboard, Skateboarder, Skateboarding

Photo:  Pixabay

Comments on: "Something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do…she’s beautiful…a dancer on a board." (7)

  1. My son did that for many years and my nerve costume is still frayed …..

    • Mine too, but I gave up worrying about him and just got used to taking him to the ER to get stitched up when he did all the crazy things he did.

      • OMG!!!! 😉

      • He was a daredevil an did the most dangerous things. A biker gang came to my front door and said, “You kid is crazy. He’s biking down hills we won’t even go on.” I thanked him and just went back to what i was doing. I couldn’t stop him. He did things no one else would even think of doing. He got such a rush from pushing things as far as he could. Getting hurt didn’t matter, he had to do what he did. I got used to it, but when he was young, he couldn’t go out until I was dressed and the keys were on the table so I could take him to the hospital if I had to. He was like that his whole life and scared the hell out of his friends.

      • That is soooooo complicated. Or at least it seems as if it is.

  2. so graceful… i could never 😉

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