Art and the philosophy of life

kid sitting beside round cake close-up photography

  1.  Sit on the floor with a cake in front of you.
  2.  Remove your shirt.  Hmmm, that might depend upon your age and who else is in the room.
  3. Lean forward until your face is in the cake.
  4. Open your mouth and commence taking big bites.  Do not worry abut making a mess, it’s only cake and if you followed rule number 2, you’re half naked anyway.


Photo:  Henley Design Studio

Comments on: "How to eat cake in 4 easy steps…" (13)

  1. You are on a roll today…. 🍰🎂

  2. oh my gosh!!!! LOL too funny

  3. Oh yeah!!!

  4. That’s how I eat pie!

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