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Books quirks…

I have a friend who will not buy a book if there’s a map in the front.  She opens a book, looks through the first few pages, and if she sees a map, that’s it. She looks at me, says, “Theres a map,” and the book is back on the shelf, or table.  If I’m farther away from her, she holds the book up, with the map showing, while shaking her head in disgust.

I don’t like maps either, but I am able to ignore them.  My friend, believes the author doesn’t know how to write because if s/he did, s/he should be able to tell her where things were, and not make her look stuff up.  I can understand that.  Maps freak her out.  And she hates looking stuff up.

I won’t buy books with a cowboy, a pirate, or a half naked male model with a woman throwing herself at him.  In other words, I don’t read romance novels.

What I do love:  Thick paper and deckled edges.  Sigh…deckled edges.

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  1. I objected to e-readers when nooks and kindles first became popular. I want to feel the book in my hands and smell the book and the binding and the paper. It’s a whole book experience. Deckled, gilt, soft leather, hard leather, just give me the book.

    • I also love the feel of books but I do use my Kindle when traveling, or I’d have to bring an extra suitcase for the books. It’s convenient and light weight. But I LOVE physical books and bookstores.

  2. I’m with you on this – why not draw a map if the author feels it helps? I read books where I even had to refer several times to them maps because it was so confusing with all the names and places!

  3. oh the deckled edges…. ❤

  4. I’m with you on the deckled edges… also with you on travelling with a Kindle but at home, so love to hold a book…

    • Deckled edges are wonderful and so is the Kindle when I’m going anywhere, especially with Covid. You can wash it off if you are reading anywhere but at home. Definitely love real books.

      • They are. For at home 😉 Kindle is practical and I don’t worry about having to wash it, I’m the only one who touches it!

      • Right, but when out or traveling, you can wipe it off and I always take it with me.

      • For sure. I’m not a germaphobe and am really bad about remembering to wipe things down. 😉

      • Me too. I don’t even think about it. When I travel with my cousin she’s always wiping thing and I just stare at her. We get on a plane and she wipe all MY stuff down because she knows I won’t. LOLOL She looks and me and say, “I know, just don’t say anything.” She knows I want to her leave me alone.

      • Hahaha! I think we need germs, to be honest. There’s a reason kids today are such wimps. Everything was sterilized to the max so they never built any antibodies.

      • Oh definitely. All the sanitizing is a real problem. We are much more vulnerable because of it, to any number of things.

  5. Had to look up deckled edges. YEAH… I like those!

    So, Dr. Nancy says Jeep and Johnny are in good shape.
    She checked their heart beats, teeth, mouths in general, ears, paws, chins (Jeep has chin acne) felt around their bodies for lumps/tumours and inoculated them.

    I disinfected the floor where she had to lay down to get into Johnny’s closet.

    Johnny was great with her today…. after 13 years!

    I need to get a soft baby brush for Jeep’s chin.

    She said not t worry about the barf blood, unless it starts to happen regularly at close intervals. If that happens, I must determine who is doing it.

    She would be a great vet for Em. She would just visit you, and hopefully Em would parade by. She would not impose herself on Em, but she would learn from the little she is allowed.

    She is a cat person 110%.

  6. deckle pages….fussy fussy fussy…

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