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What makes you happy?  Everyone should all know the answer to that question, while leaving room for the unknown, because I think bits of happiness are lurking here and there, waiting to surprise us, so we should be aware of that, as well as run-on sentences.  Especially run-on sentences, because you know how dangerous they can be.  Always carry a pen, so that if you see a run-on, you can quickly add periods, that way, all of our problems will disappear.  Priorities.



Photo:  Stan B

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  1. My guy refuses to use the word happy. Ever. He can’t justify the definition for it. I have to say, ever since he told me that, I have been thinking about it…

  2. I love a good run on…..they make me happy

  3. Sorry, you lost me. What’s a run-on sentence?

    • A run-on sentence occurs when two or more independent clauses (also known as complete sentences) are connected improperly. That’s from Walden University.

      A run-on is a long sentence without proper punctuation, so it just goes on and on, like the one I’m writing right now. a period should be after the word punctuation.

      • You’re a bloody great teacher! 🙂

      • Thank you. That is a great compliment and I appreciate it very much.

      • Hero Husband (Swiss but French spoken and understanding ZERO when I speak in my mother tongue Schwyzertütsch (Swiss German, contrary to High or ‘Good’ German!)
        calls these Schachtelsätze (box-sentences) which is a noun and means exactly that – you have, in the German language, often long, long phrases, separated but by a coma, and nobody except those whose mother tongue German is, understands that. It’s also the case for adding the VERB at the very end of the sentence so that any translator has to hope to still remember the whole story before the speaker comes to the verb and then hurrying to get it all out!

  4. LOLOLOL i love it. Ya have to have priorities…

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