Art and the philosophy of life


“I thought you said they were taken care of?” it said, roughly.

“I said, I was working on it.  They’re harder to eliminate than you’d think.”

Do your job,” it hissed.

“This wouldn’t be my job, if you hadn’t put them there in the first place.  ‘Let’s see what they’ll do,‘ you said.  ‘Maybe it will be different this time.'”

“Send a virus, just make sure the other life forms won’t be harmed.”

“I know the drill.  I’ve done it enough times.  No matter where you PUT them, they aren’t going to change.  You have to face that, and kill the species once and for all.”

“Just do it.”




Photo:  Dominic Swain



Comments on: "A very short story about…danger" (11)

  1. IT = Covid!

    • Sucks. We are all under a ‘must wear mask’ mandate again. The Delta strain is bad news.

      • Cases are rising here too!
        The unvaxxed are going to sink the ship!!

      • Huge music concert was last weekend. Thousands of people everyday. SOLD OUT. The kids went to them and they are packed in like sardines. Supposedly you had to have proof of being vaccinated but those pieces of paper are easily forged, so it’s wait and see for those kids. This isn’t going to be over for a long time.

      • 😢 People just want to have normal life, but they keep rushing it! Kids are dying now.

      • The virus, war, starvation, lack of clean water and medical care…kid are dying all the time. It’s disgusting and doesn’t have to be that way.

      • I don’t know what’s going to happen. All we can do is wait and see.

      • Yeah…. sigh……
        So, I just realized the Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico, so I will be drawing Dahlia’s tonight. I only need to be able to make them seem like Dahlias. I want mostly Dahlias in the drawing’s background.
        I got a lot of pics of Mexican flora and will see which of those I can draw easily.
        Ferns, Dumb Cane, Philodendron, etc.
        I also got a few pics of Mexican pottery.
        Tonight will be like homework for the big drawing.
        Tomorrow the band will be playing, and I’m thinking I will begin the final drawing.

      • You do so well when the band is playing. I’m sure you will be inspired and it will turn out to be incredible.

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