Art and the philosophy of life

person holding maple leaf

Do you think they call it fall because all the leaves fall down?


Photo:  Lewis Parsons

Comments on: "It’s August…guess what’s on its way." (17)

  1. perfect. and – my favorite season is coming

  2. super cool photo! love it! I’m sure THAT’s the reason for naming it fall – although in other English speaking countries it’s called autumn. Not that easy to find an easy explanation 😉

  3. Wonderful image. No, thank you. I shall wait a good month until I get excited about my favourite season 😉

    • Definitely. Wait as long as you can. But, once the trees start turning, hard to put it off.

      • It’s funny. I say that but tonight was rather cool as I walked home from a girlfriend’s house. I cannot say it displeased me.

      • Yes the temps are starting to bounce around a bit and it’s getting dark earlier each day, which is normal. I hate to see summer go. It’s my favorite time of the year. I wish all the other seasons were only 1 day long. But then everyone else would be upset,since we all love different things. Still, I love summer. I used to like spring too, but sometimes we don’t get that. Winter eats it and then it’s summer. This year we did have spring and it was nice it’s just that it’s too iffy. Summer is just summer and the other seasons can’t take it away.

      • The seasons have changed so much over the years. I’m assuming we are the same age since your handle has 1964 in it 😉 I remember starting the school year right after Labour Day and being able to wear my new wool skirts and leotards, etc. Now? Shorts and summer clothes are still de rigueur because it can get really hot!
        June has become a shitty month. You get one warm week in May/June, then rain and cold and maybe by the end of June, you start feeling it’s summer. Well, here in Montreal, anyway 😉

      • I’m definitely older than you are. 🙂 Definitely. Some years were too hot for new sweaters but others, were far cool enough to wear them for the first day back. 🙂 Things are changing, no doubt about it.

      • So… what up with the 1964 then? I can’t really remember much – I didn’t pay attention to lots of stuff, frankly. Sometimes, I listen to people speak of things I was a part of and I wonder where the hell I was because I remember so little…

      • Hahahaha and it gets harder the more info we get 24/7. It’s happening to a lot of people. Some kids/teens have the attention span of two seconds. 1964 was just a really good year.

      • Things that meant something to me, I remember, other stuff? Not so much!
        It definitely was… after all, I was born 😉 LOL

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