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portrait of a white peacock — Paul Militaru

Comments on: "portrait of a white peacock — Paul Militaru (white beauty from Paul)" (4)

  1. Place across the road from us has one. We can hear it all the way up here on a still night. 😃

    • I heard they are really loud. I’ve never heard one. The white one is so beautiful, but then they all are. I imagine it’s nice having one close by, except for the noise. 🙂

      • He also has one that is the usual blue with the colorful tail feathers. Actually, we don’t really mind the sounds. Just another of our usual night sounds along with crickets, tree frogs, donkeys, and/or coyotes. All part of the symphony. 😃

      • It sounds absolutely WONDERFUL. I love the sound of nature. Once, a very long time ago, we were driving down south and we thought there was something wrong with our car. When we got out we realized it was frogs. We never heard frogs before and had no idea they sounded like that. Frogs in Chicago do not make noise if there are any, although I did have tadpoles when I was little. They grew up and we put them by a gigantic pond. It’s true that we grow so accustom to the sounds around us and when we hear new ones we have no idea what’s going on. LOL

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