Art and the philosophy of life

Comments on: "The rabbits in my daughter’s yard have eaten all her flowers. No one cares. Everyone loves rabbits." (14)

  1. I so get this

    • Hahahaha It’s so true. We look at our wild friends and smile as they destroy one thing after another. As long as the rabbit is happy, we’re all happy. 🙂

  2. It’s true… They can get away with most of the stuff they steal… most.

  3. This makes me going ‘aaawh’ and smile widely. For 2 years when I had planted pansies in front of my BALCONY windows on the 2nd floor, I had birds visiting and eating every single bud off the window boxes. Right in front of my eyes – no shame 😉 😉 but how adorable they are, these creatures. I wouldn’t mind either…..

  4. A bunny has to eat.. and how lucky they grace us with their presence 😀

  5. Definitely. Deb doesn’t care at all. She loves them and they really are pretty safe in her yard.

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