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From: Bored Panda

Doctor Is Going Viral For Shutting Down Anti-Vaxxers Who Claim Their Opinion Is Just As Valid As His

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  1. A lot of the antivaxxers are really out to lunch. They tend to believe the shit the idiots on Faux News puts out there, and think its gospel. Also there’s a doctor in Florida who has been spewing bullshit concerning the vaccines, and he gets away with it….I could go on, but I think you get the point.

    Have a good night my friend!

    • I definitely get the point. Truth is hard to come by nowadays, and we can’t be sure what was in the shots, but with death and debilitation as opposed to being healthy and alive, one has to wonder what the question is. Even the republican’s had covid and they don’t believe it’s real. If we try to understand it, I think we’ll want to go to bed and stay there for awhile, because it’s too stupid to think about.

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